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Price Programs

SmartPay Simplifies Your Life


Service Energy helps customers keep their heating costs simple and predictable all year long with our SmartPay budget plan program. You pay less for heating during winter, and you never get surprised by unexpected bills.

Here is what SmartPay Does for you:

  • Puts you in control of your heating costs with even monthly payments. We divide your anticipated cost into 10 even monthly payments, so you always know what you'll pay, and your heating costs don't rise during winter.

  • Offers the choice of automatic payments. You can choose the Direct Debit option in which we debit your account automatically every month. It's convenient and easy and qualifies you for the full 5 percent rebate on your SmartPay credit balance.

  • Makes delivery automatic. You never have to worry about checking your tank gauge or calling for deliveries. We track your supply and take care of everything. Our No Run-Out Guarantee assures that you'll never run out of fuel.
  • smartPay-Budget.pngPays you back! When your account has a credit balance, we rebate you at a rate of 4 percent. (You can choose Direct Debit and get a 5 percent rebate instead!)

  • Puts everything in one bill. You can choose to add the cost of your service plan to your SmartPay plan and avoid the extra bill.


For added benefits, choose the Smart Pay Plus Price Protection Program.

Smart Pay Plus Price Protection has all the benefits of SmartPay, and it...

  • smartPay-PriceProtection.pngProtects your price. We cap your price for the entire heating season so you are protected from price spikes. You never pay more than the cap price, and if prices fall below the cap, we pass on the savings.

  • Gives you choice! You can prepay the Smart Pay Plus Price Protection annual fee or add it to your budget payments for just pennies a day.


To enroll in a SmartPay plan, please call us today or contact us.